AMD Launches Radeon HD 6990M - World's most powerful mobile GPU

Today AMD has announced the Radeon HD 6990M GPU, the world's most powerful mobile GPU.

Today AMD has announced the Radeon HD 6990M GPU, the world's most powerful mobile GPU.

This GPU will pack 1.7 billion transistors onto the die and feature a clock speed of 715MHz. Combine this with 1,120 stream processors and up to 2GB of GDDR5 RAM clocked at 900MHz and you have a piece of silicon capable of 1.6 TFLOPs of compute power, and over 115GB/s of memory bandwidth.

"There's always been a belief that when it comes to mobile computing you need to make performance compromises. Today AMD demolishes that myth," said Matt Skynner, corporate vice president and general manager, GPU division, AMD. "The AMD Radeon HD 6990M GPU, which not only packs AMD Eyefinity technology with unprecedented specs, also provides full Microsoft DirectX 11 and Stereo 3D support. Bottom line, this processor is epic and it's here -- now."

AMD offers up some impressive benchmarks for this silicone (note that these are AMD's own benchmarks and not externally verified). Here is the HD 6990M up against NVIDIA's 580M running at at 1920x1080:

  • 26.82^ faster in ET: Quake Wars (8xAA/16xAF)
  • 23.69% faster in Dragon Age 2 (4xAA/16xAF)
  • 16.59% faster in Wolfenstein MP (8xAA/16xAF)

Systems based around the HD 6990M will include the Alienware M18x, Clevo X7200, P170HM, P150HM, and various systems from Eurocom.