AMD might package Bulldozer processors with liquid-cooling kits

As if the anticipation for AMD's new Bulldozer (a.k.

As if the anticipation for AMD's new Bulldozer (a.k.a. Zambezi a.k.a. FX Series) processors isn't already high enough among enthusiasts, the company may up the ante further by including a liquid-cooling solution with boxed versions of the new chips, according to X-bit Labs.

Such a move would entice overclockers to look at AMD's latest and greatest, since liquid cooling would give them an automatic incentive to start goosing the Bulldozers to higher performance and help such attempts more than the air-based cooling usually bundled with CPUs. It's unclear whether a kit would be bundled with all eight-core Bulldozers, or just the top one, and X-bit Labs surmises that something like the Antec Kühler H2O 620 liquid-cooling kit would be included in the package.

But it might not be long before Intel joins AMD in offering liquid-cooling with its top processors. The chip leader is also mulling bundling a water-cooling kit with its new Sandy Bridge E CPUs, which will become Intel's top-performing (and priciest) desktop processors.

Would you pay extra for a new CPU if it came with a liquid-cooling system? Or would you rather assemble your own? Let us know in the Comments section.