AMD posts parody teaser video: Another tablet in the works?

AMD posts a 'spooky' Paranormal Activity-like teaser video to YouTube suggesting that the processor and GPU giant is preparing to announce a tablet or hybrid system on October 9.

AMD has posted a teaser video to YouTube suggesting that the processor and graphics giant has a tablet or hybrid device in the pipeline.

The video, called "TECHnically Beyond Explanation", takes the form of a parody of the Paranormal Activity movie franchise. It shows two people exploring what seems to be a disused AMD facility and coming across a mystery "mutated" system inside an old PC.

Instructions at the end of the video ask viewers to check out AMD's YouTube page on October 9.

Let's break down what's in this rather corny video.

First, the video is cryptic about the form factor of this new device. It looks like either a tablet or a dual-screen hinged system. What's clear is that, as one of the characters points out: "It's not a laptop!" AMD has previously run demos showing a tower PC playing a game, then revealing that it was actually a notebook inside the empty tower running the game. This video seems to suggest a twist on that theme.

Then there's the odd, "it's cold" mention, suggesting that the system runs a low-power processor, perhaps AMD's "Honda" APU, notebook versions of its 32-nanometer "Trinity" APUs. "Hondo" APUs are power-efficient processors that feature an on-board GPU complete with DirectX 11 support.

These processors have been expected to land around the time that Windows 8 is released, so the timings seem to work out.

It seems that AMD is preparing to enter the already crowded tablet market. Is there enough room for another player?