AMD's 64-bit vision becomes reality

All the news, reviews, comment and analysis around the launch of AMD's Athlon 64 desktop processor family
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64-bit computing will take off in Europe first
The Athlon 64 is likely to find favour among European markets first, according to Microsoft, whose support will be key to AMD's success

AMD answers 64-bit question
AMD is attempting to sell the necessity for a desktop upgrade to 64-bits, despite Intel persevering with its 32-bit Pentium 4 range

AMD's dual-core plans keep heat on Intel
AMD has plans for a dual-core version of its 64-bit processor, and meeting its delivery target would mean the company stays hot on Intel's heels

AMD pips Intel with 64-bit offer
AMD's new Athlon 64 processor gives the option of upgrading to 64-bit software, which will start shipping later this year


AMD's chief scientist on smoke and mirrors
As AMD rolls out its 100-million transistor Athlon 64, chief scientist Bill Siegle talks to ZDNet UK about how mirror optics will help future processor plans

Why 64 bit is the 'new' catchword
With chip makers chomping at the bit to update systems to create a 64-bit world, CIOs need to ask the tough question, "why?" This article provides compelling arguments for the switch


AMD comes to the 64-bit rescue
AMD has refused - indeed some would say been unable - to dance to Intel's tune when it comes to 64-bit computing, and the result is something that a lot of people are absolutely going to need


A first look at AMD's Athlon 64
With the Athlon 64, Windows users get their own 64-bit processor. The chip delivers excellent 32-bit performance today, along with the promise of 64-bit computing tomorrow

AMD Athlon 64: the benchmarks
AMD’s Athlon 64 launch marks the dawn of the 64-bit desktop PC era. We evaluate the efficiency of the new CPU using over 100 benchmark tests.

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