AMD's E2-2000 and E1-1500 APUs outed

Details of two new AMD APUs have been outed by AMD on its German website.

Two new processors based on the older Bobcat architecture have been posted to AMD's German website.

The two processors -- the E2-2000 and the E1-1500 -- are designed as replacements for the existing E2-1800 and the E1-1200 parts.

The E2-2000 is a 1.75GHz dual-core accelerated processing unit (APU) that comes with 1MB of L2 cache and an embedded HD 7340 GPU clocked at 538/700MHz. The E2-2000 supports DDR3-1333 memory and has a TDP of 18W. It supersedes the 1.7GHz dual-core E2-1800 which also features the HD 7340 GPU clocked at between 523/680MHz.

The extra horsepower packed into the E2-2000 will only give it about a 3 percent advantage over the E2-1800.

The E1-1500 is another dual-core APU clocked at 1.48GHz. It comes with 1MB of L2 cache and an unspecified GPU, but it is rumored to be an HD 7310 GPU clocked at 529MHz. The E1-1500 supports DDR3-1066 RAM and also has a TDP of 18W.

Model Cores Freq Graphics GPU Freq
E1-1500 2 1.48 GHz Rumored to be 
529 MHz
Rumored to be 
HD 7310 
E2-2000 2 1.75 GHz HD 7340 538 MHz / 700 MHz

Overall, the E1-1500 will be some 6 percent faster than the E1-1200 it replaces.