AMD's next wave of 7nm CPUs and GPUs will be manufactured by TSMC

AMD's next-gen products--all aimed at Intel and Nvidia--will be manufactured by TSMC as long-time partner GlobalFoundries shifts its focus.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

AMD said that it will be manufacturing all of its 7nm processors with TSMC instead of long-time partner GlobalFoundries, which is changing its focus.

The company's 7nm products cover AMD's Zen 2 CPU core and the Navi GPU architecture. These products are critical in AMD's strategy to gain on both Intel and Nvidia for various data center workloads.

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AMD added that it has already been working with TSMC to manufacture 7nm products including the company's first 7nm GPU to launch this year and first 7nm server CPU due to launch in 2019.

Overall, AMD will focus its 7nm efforts with TSMC and use GlobalFoundries for 14/12nm technologies. GlobalFoundries manufacturers the current generation of AMD Ryzen, Radeon and EPYC processors. All of those processors have been well received.

GlobalFoundries said it will suspend its 7nm program indefinitely and focus on making its 14/12nm platform more relevant to high-growth markets.

In addition, AMD said that it is in negotiations with GlobalFoundries on a new wafer supply agreement given the 7nm efforts with TSMC.

Separately, the company named Saeid Moshkelani, previously client general manager, will become senior vice president and GM of Client Compute. Jim Anderson, who held that position, left the company to go to Lattice Semiconductor to be CEO. Moshkelani led AMD's Semi-Custom business unit in 2012 and then led product and platform engineering.

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