American babies named after Web site

Five thousand dollars is up for grabs for the first American parents prepared to name their children after a Web site

Four pairs of proud new parents in the US stand to win $5,000 (£3,319) after naming their little bundles of joy after a popular music Web site.

The children all share their same first name with the Internet Underground Music Archive (Iuma):

The Internet company announced its "Name Your Baby Iuma" promotion 7 August promising up to ten families $5,000 cash or free music for life in return for naming their little ones after its Web venture.

"We're on a mission to revitalise music, and we want Iuma on the tip of every tongue in the country. What better way to send our message through every classroom, home, and playground in America?" asks Jeff Patterson, founder of Iuma.

The four babies are called Iuma Dylan-Lucas Thornhill, Iuma Heidi VanRyker, Iuma Rose Carter and Iuma Dara Lewis.

You can view pictures of the plucky youngsters here.

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