Amex adds Apple Pay to corporate cards

American Express said it will add Apple Pay to its corporate cards. Last year, Amex added Apple Pay to small business and consumer cards.

American Express on Monday added Apple Pay to its corporate cards in a move that gives Apple another entry to the enterprise.

By adding its corporate cards to the Apple Pay roster, employees of larger companies can pay with their iPhones. Typically, corporate cards are used to make expenses easier to file.


American Express already added Apple Pay to their consumer and OPEN small business cards in late 2014.

While most of Apple's enterprise efforts revolve around its devices and Macs, Apple Pay is a hook into corporate services to some degree.

Analysts have been battling over Apple's future prospects following its most recent earnings report. Wall Street is concerned about Apple's prospects in China given that country's economic and stock market turmoil and keeping the iPhone upgrade cycle going.

Apple's services such as streaming media, its App Store and Apple Pay are seen as businesses that can fuel growth in the future. FBR analyst Daniel Ives said in a research note:

We are seeing the forest through the trees, as we believe the unrivaled fundamental strength behind the company's iPhone 6 product cycle (less than 30% of customers have upgraded to date), a massive greenfield China market opportunity, and a host of growing new products/services (e.g., Apple Music, streaming TV possible later this fall, Apple Pay) are setting the stage for the company's next leg of growth in FY16/FY17.