Ampl backpack for the road warrior: Smart charging mobile gear

Road warriors may never have to worry about keeping laptops, smartphones, and tablets charged with this backpack that comes with an app to make it all work together.

Regular business travelers know all too well that keeping mobile gear charged can be a nightmare. Finding power outlets on the road to keep laptops, tablets, and smartphones powered up is a chore, and sometimes there's not an outlet to be found. The Ampl backpack looks to change that with the ability to charge up to six devices.

(Image: Ampl Labs)

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First shown earlier this year at the CES, the backpack from Ample Labs uses a system based on modular batteries and USB charging ports integrated into the bag. Every pocket has a USB port for flexibility, and up to four batteries work together to keep all devices charged. The internal battery compartments are wired together with an innovative design that is integrated into all pockets in the backpack.

This would be ideal for organizations sending several representatives to an event requiring travel. The design of the bag with all of the USB ports makes it a simple matter to charge the devices of several people at the same time.

(Image: Ampl Labs)

The Ampl backpack comes with a small internal battery that can charge a phone up to three times. There are two optional larger capacity batteries that can handle laptops. When multiple batteries are installed in the bag they work together to automatically keep charging all gadgets, even when one or two of the batteries are depleted. All batteries in the backpack charge in the bag with a single power cord.

The backpack will accommodate large laptops and tablets, plus there is a charging holster on one of the straps for smartphones. Gadgets can charge while carried in the bag to keep the busy professional up and running on long business trips.

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There is an app for monitoring charging status of everything plugged into the USB charging ports. It also monitors the remaining levels of all batteries installed. In the event one device needs to be charged as rapidly as possible, the app allows setting priorities for the order of charging.

The Ampl is being readied for distribution later this year and is being funded by an Indiegogo crowdsourced project. The funding campaign is almost complete, and Ample Labs has already surpassed the target funding level to bring the backpack to market.

The Ample backpack should be available in the fall and can be purchased during the Indiegogo campaign for $249. Optional batteries will sell for $49 to $149, and include a battery that in addition to the USB port also has a plug for direct laptop charging with a power adapter.

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