An amazing way to quit a job or a public tantrum uploaded to the masses?

...through interpretive dance?
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer on

Whether for good or ill, sometimes staff do not work out in a job role, or they wish to move on to other climes.

This is part-and-parcel of business, but what about if an employee makes a rather public declaration of their intentions to leave?

On Saturday, writer Marina Shifrin uploaded a video on YouTube with a simple message for her boss at Taiwanese firm Next Media Animation: she quits. In the video, accompanied by interpretive dancing, the former employee explains that after sacrificing her relationships, time and energy for two years, it's time to leave.

The 25-year old explained to the Huffington Post that no breaks and a continually changing schedule and role prompted her actions. Whether the video was the right decision or a tantrum is up to you to decide.

Via: Huffington Post

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