An electric folding bicycle?

The urban-friendly Neo Volt concept bike folds up for easy storage and transport - and its electric battery also gets 56 miles per charge.
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Both electric bikes and folding bikes have become increasingly popular in recent years, but understandably, bikes that combine both of those concepts have been rather in short supply.

But the developers at Item Desarrollo de Producto, a Spanish design consultancy, seem to have found a solution to the problem in their Neo Volt line of e-bikes. The 20-inch compact concept bike folds in two different ways - both for easy transportation as well as for optimal storage in small spaces like car trunks.

The bike's battery is integrated into its frame and can be removed for charging. Between the battery and a 250-watt motor, the bike can get more than 56 miles on a charge.

According to Item Industrial Design, the bike is a great fit for urban settings and commuting, where elevators, subways, car trunks, and city driving require bikes to be versatile and adapt well to changing situations.

Check out the demo video to see how the bike works.

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