An espresso machine for the car

"Coffee-to-go" just took on a whole new meaning.

Well here’s one way to avoid falling asleep at the wheel.

French company Handpresso recently unveiled its latest portable coffeemaker—an espresso machine designed exclusively for the car.

Like other popular single-cup coffeemakers , the main ideas behind the Handpresso Auto are simplicity and convenience. To enjoy a cup, simply add water, insert a coffee pod and push a button.

The small tubular device is designed to fit snugly in a car’s cup holder and can be plugged into the 12-volt cigarette lighter found in most vehicles. With 16 bar pressure, the Handpresso can whip up an espresso in only two minutes.

Of course, the tool’s makers don’t advise coffee-brewing-while-driving. In a promo for the device, the user safely pulls to the side of the road before getting to work and enjoying a drink.

The Handpresso Auto is currently only available in Europe for about 149€ ($200). For others who can’t wait to play the role of driver-turned-barista, the device can be ordered online.

Photo/Video: Handpresso

[via TIME]

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