An ode to the family IT guy

Familiar with fixing technology for family members over the holiday? You're not alone. McSweeney's presents an epic, narrative ode to you: the tech-conquering hero.

ZDNet readers know what it's like to be the family IT guy.

The holidays are only a month behind us, but chances are someone recently asked you how to transfer a file between devices, "hook" something "up," or otherwise troubleshoot a gadget gone haywire. As the consumerization -- and connection -- of technology progresses ever forward, there are more things each year that you, dear tech-savvy family member, must fix.

Enjoy the slice of pumpkin pie; that's all you're getting, pal.

The humor magazine McSweeney's recently published an ode -- nay, an epic -- to the family IT guy. And it is funny.

An excerpt:

The warrior darted out back over the mountains of National Geographic magazines and made haste to the Compaq Presario. He woke up Windows XP from sleep mode and deftly defeated twelve notifications to update Norton AntiVirus. With a resounding click he opened Internet Explorer 6 and gazed deep into its depths, past the Yahoo toolbar, the MSN toolbar, the toolbar, and the AOL toolbar. And then did he see, at long last, that The Google did load.

You can read the full piece here. It's a good way to start the work week.