An SMB out-with-the-old wish list

If small-business professionals have their way, fax machines would be the first thing to go in 2014.

Fax machines top the list of aging technologies that small and midsize businesses would love to ditch or update in 2014, according to November survey of close to 1,600 SMB professionals conducted by cloud services company J2 Global.

It doesn't mean these companies are ready (or probably in many cases able) to give up dealing with faxes. It's just that 27 percent of them would love to move to an online fax service instead, J2's research found. 

Not far behind on the ditch list is offlce landline services: close to 23 percent of the survey respondents indicated that they would love to replace them with a virtual phone system and/or mobile phones.

What else would SMBs love to retire? Here's what else might not be long for the world, if SMBs find the money or desire to take action on these plans. Then again, it's easy to make a wish list.

  • Desktop computers (moving to laptops, tablets and smartphones) - 19 percent
  • Printers (planning on going paperless) - 19 percent
  • Accounting books (moving to accounting software) - 13 percent 
  • Cash registers (moving to digital payment solutions i.e. Square or PayPal) - 8 percent

The complete infographic cooked up by J2 Global is below: