Analyzing Big Data in Brazil: What did we learn?

We conclude the Mastering Business Analytics program with an exclusive report on the state of Big Data and analytics in Brazil

The market for data analytics in Brazil is is growing so fast that it should pass the $1bn mark by 2017. But understanding the real potential of these tools applying them successfully to businesses is still a big question mark to many decision makers worldwide and that is also the case in Brazil.

With that in mind, we have designed Mastering Business Analytics, a three-month education program featuring exclusive data from leading analyst houses, interviews, opinion and a webinar with insights from subject-matter experts in Brazil - business leaders and advisers that have been there and done that. 

To conclude this initiative, we created an exclusive report based on our investigation of the current state of affairs in this market, as well as the trends and issues faced by companies looking to make the most out of data and how can Brazilian organizations make Big Data strategies work. 
This report also covers findings from the Office of Strategic Priorities of the Minas Gerais state government, one of the first Big Data case studies in Brazil, as well as the difficulties faced by the government organization and their plans for the future.