And now for some good news... Meet the nanotech that can charge your phone in 30 seconds

No more waiting around the wall sockets in the coffee shop or bar. Israeli researchers may have found a way to charge your phone to the brink in less than a minute.

Image: YouTube

Who in this day and age has the time to wait for their smartphone or tablet to charge?

After years of extensive research, development, and tweaking existing (and new) chemicals for thinner, lighter batteries, scientists are still a long stretch away from creating a battery that lasts considerably longer than what we have today.

But researchers in Tel Aviv, Israel have discovered a way that may lead to rapid smartphone or tablet replenishment — in some cases recharging a device in less than a minute.

ZDNet's Niv Lilien has the scoop . The short of it is researchers are now able to fill the cavities found in electrodes, helping to extend the battery's capacity by as much as tenfold.

In simple terms, the so-called NanoDot buffer stores electrical current from a wall socket over a period of around thirty seconds, and then lets it flow slowly into the device battery. 

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