And on the Microsoft legal circuit...

As the Redmond litigation world turns: Updates on the Eolas vs. Microsoft patent infringement case and the ongoing oversight of Microsoft's compliance with the Consent Decree in the Department of Justice suit against Microsoft.

For those who like their long weekends peppered with a little legal sauce, here are a couple of links:

Eolas and Microsoft settle patent case; Terms not yet disclosed

The abridged history: Eolas claimed Microsoft's Internet Explorer violated its patent for accessing interactive content on Web pages. Microsoft was ordered to pay $500 million (before it appealed) and agreed to change the way IE handled embedded multimedia content. Eolas announced on August 30 that the pair had come to terms. No word so far on what the settlement terms are (or what this will mean to the future of IE).

Did the Consent Decree curb Microsoft's anticompetitive behavior? States are split

California and a handful of other states told the judge overseeing Microsoft's compliance with the terms of its antitrust settlement with the U.S. government that the Consent Decree has done little to curb Microsoft's anticompetitive behavior. A group of other states that were part of the government's case against Microsoft disagreed. The next regularly scheduled oversight hearing in the matter is September 11.