And so the Motorola exodus begins: CEO Woodside to become Dropbox COO

Motorola's chief executive will take a lead role in Dropbox operations, not long after the news that the phone maker would be sold by Google to Lenovo for close to $3 billion.

Image: CNET

It didn't take long for the big-wigs at Motorola to begin jumping ship following the Lenovo deal.

Motorola chief executive Dennis Woodside will soon be named Dropbox's first chief operating officer. In the move, Woodside will be responsible for growing the startup's growing cloud storage business and bring additional insight that its founders and executives have until now, on the most part, lacked.

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The news was first reported by The Wall Street Journal, and later confirmed by Google chief Larry Page.

The news comes just two weeks after Google offloaded its Motorola phone-making unit to Lenovo for just shy of $3 billion .

Woodside's job was not thought to be in danger, based on the call with senior Motorola and Lenovo executives following the acquisition announcement. 

Lenovo chief executive Yang Yuanqing called Motorola's engineering team "excellent," adding: If we can combine that with efficient operations platform at Lenovo — we believe we can not only sell more volume of phones, but also make more money from this product line."

Woodside's move will help Dropbox sharpen its sales strategy for the future, among other things — not least to help it compete with other firms on the cloud storage block, such as Box.

Dropbox is expected to file for an initial public offering at some point in the future , but has kept mum on any plans. Valued at roughly $10 billion, at very least the company needs to hire a chief financial officer before any such move can come to fruition.