launches open source Linux publication

Open magazine launches as a free, business to business open source publication for all levels

Open Source technology portal is to expand its rapidly growing empire into the offline arena with the launch of an open source print publication called Open magazine.

True to the spirit of open source software development is currently offering free subscription to the new magazine via its Web site: The new magazine is described as a business to business open source publication for all levels.

"There are still a lot of companies seeking ways to adopt superior Open Source solutions. Now we'll be there in print," says vice president of publishing at Andover.Net Bill Dwyer.

In January bought the hugely successful technology new service It also owns online open source and Linux resources including, and

President and CEO of Andover believes that the open source community methodology will also feed into the creation of the magazine. He says, "Conventional support models have dozens of people supporting dozens of applications but Andover.Net has 3 million unique visitors each month who can give support."

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