Android and iPhone users are excited about their devices, not so much about the iPad

The iPhone and Android platforms are two of the hottest in the mobile space and are used extensively for running applications and surfing the web. The AdMob January survey also measured their interest in buying the iPad and iPhone users were overwhelmingly more excited than Android owners.
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It is interesting to check out data regarding smartphones and while most of it has to be taken with a grain of salt and understanding behind how the data is captured AdMob results at least give you good trend data since they issue them once a month. Their data is captured through operator and handset data from ad requests of more than 15,000 mobile web sites and iPhone, Android, and webOS applications. The January 2010 report shows that Android and iPhone consumers have very similar application usage patterns and as someone who uses both of these platforms that matches my usage as well. iPhone users download more paid applications than Android users and as shown in the recent report on mobile application stores this makes sense since Android users have a higher percentage of free applications available in the Android Market. AdMob also conducted a survey to measure consumer interest in the iPad and the results are interesting.

It seems that 16% of iPhone users who answered the survey showed a high level of interest in purchasing an iPad with 11% of webOS users and only 6% of Android users. I know I personally have stated I was going to purchase an iPad, but lately I have been consciously walking around during the day thinking of times when I would actually use one and the probability that I will buy one decreases every day as I consider shelling out $600+ for one. I am actually more interested in the upcoming T-Mobile HD2 device since I am not sure the iPad will go with me as much and need to keep wrestling with this purchase decision.

Other highlights from the January 2010 AdMob Mobile Metrics Report include:

  • 91 percent of iPhone users and 88 percent of iPod touch users would recommend their device, compared to 84 percent of Android users and 69 percent of webOS users.
  • iPod touch owners download an average of 12 applications a month, 37 percent more than iPhone and Android users who download approximately nine new apps. webOS users downloaded an average of six applications per month.
  • iPod touch users spent an average of 100 minutes per day using applications. webOS users spent an average of 87 minutes per day, followed by Android users at 80 minutes and iPhone users at 79 minutes per day.
  • 73 percent of Android users are male, compared to only 56 percent of iPhone OS users. The average iPhone user is 14 years older than the average iPod touch user of which 78 percent are below the age of 24.
  • iPhone represented 47 percent of US smartphone usage in AdMob’s network in January 2010, followed by Android, RIM and webOS devices at 39, seven, and three percent, respectively

Android looks to be catching up to the iPhone in US smartphone usage. With the newest iPhone 3GS being released back in 2009, there is more excitement for the Android platform at the moment with all the new device releases across all carriers, except for AT&T, at this time.

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