Android and Windows Phone have unique capabilities, but the Apple iPhone 6 Plus is still best

Today's modern smartphone operating systems are all worthy of consideration and there are benefits to all of them not found on the others.

Android and Windows Phone have unique capabilities, but I still prefer the new Apple iPhone 6 Plus
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The more I continue to use the new Apple iPhone 6 Plus the more I am convinced it is the smartphone for me. However, as a regular Windows Phone and Android user, there are still a few things I do miss from these two mobile platforms.

Prior to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus announcements, I listed five things I doubted would come to the new iPhone and was thankfully proven wrong by three of the five.

The iPhone 6 Plus comes with VoLTE support (on T-Mobile and Verizon), long battery life, and NFC. Granted NFC is still very limited, actually you can't even use it until Apple Pay launches.

The price of Android and Windows Phone smartphones is much less than the iPhone 6 Plus and a benefit of both operating systems. Looking at the true full price you will find high end Android smartphones priced $150 to $250 less than the 16GB iPhone 6 Plus.

Benefits of Android

For the last couple of years, Android has been my primary smartphone platform with the new Moto X being one of my favorites. I still do enjoy using Android and here are five benefits over the iPhone.

  1. Ability to text from a PC using MightyText or Moto Connect
  2. microSD card support for unlimited storage
  3. Advanced camera software that lets you take some very creative shots and share your photos and videos in unique ways
  4. Infrared remote control is handy
  5. File system access for work on the go

Benefits of Windows Phone

The Nokia Lumia 1520 served as my daily driver for quite a while and I have always had a special place for Windows Phone in my heart. Five things I miss using on Windows Phone, include:

  1. Cortana just can't be beat
  2. Wireless charging is extremely convenient
  3. The glanceable Today screen is efficient and functional
  4. Like Android, microSD expansion gives you unlimited storage capacity
  5. I still find an integrated FM radio quite useful

Why I still prefer the new iPhone 6 Plus

Despite a few things available on Android and Windows Phone that are not on the iPhone, I don't think I am going back to either anytime soon. Apple's new iPhone 6 Plus is an amazing piece of hardware that satisfies the big screen fan like me. I also prefer the iPhone 6 Plus for the following reasons:

  1. Apps come to iOS first and I am tired of missing out
  2. iMessage is very convenient when communicating with my daughters
  3. TouchID provides a secure, flawless way to unlock your phone
  4. Multitasking works best for me on iOS
  5. The display is the best available

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