Android Market's 10 billion downloads

How many times have Adele songs be Shazam'd?

Google announced that the 10 billionth app had been downloaded from the Android Market (the 10 billionth app was Photobucket Mobile). But what category of app is the most popular? When's the most popular time to download an app? What country downloads the most apps?

To answer these questions, and more, Google drew up this cute inforgraphic:

It's comes as no surprise to me that games is the most popular app category, and that entertainment is at #2. I am surprised though that tools is at #3. The smallest category is travel and local.

There's no doubt that the Android market is enjoying stratospheric success. Back in July of 2010 the 1 billionth app was downloaded, then this year in march the 3 billion mark was passed, shortly after that in May the 4.5 billion mark was passed and then two months later the 6 billion mark was passed.