Android owners hit the web hard, with only a few apps

Android device owners use only the top 50 apps to spend a lot of time on the web each day.

We have been led to believe that smartphone apps are important, and a study by Nielsen proves that to be the case for Android device owners in particular. The survey shows the average Android owner spends almost an hour a day on the web, with the majority of that time spent using apps and not the browser.

Of the 56 minutes the Android owners spends daily on the web two-thirds of that time is devoted to using apps. The Android Market may have hundreds of thousands of apps, but Nielsen found that surprisingly 43 percent of that daily web time was spent in only the top 10 apps available. Another 19 percent of the time was spent in the next top 40 apps, meaning a whopping 61 percent of all time spent on the web by Android owners is through only the top 50 apps.

This graphically points out the battle that app developers have to get noticed in the crowded Android Market. It's not enough to build a good app, it is crucial that the app get noticed in the Market so Android device owners will give it a shot.

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