Android users give malware apps permission to rob them, express shock at the results

Is it really malware if it asks permission first? A new threat sneaks past Google's automated Bouncer, but is easily defeated with a little common sense.

From the "don't give your keys to criminals" department...

Alert, alert! Security researchers (i.e., people who sell virus scanners) warn of a dread new threat: Android malware posing as Super Mario or Grand Theft Auto wallpaper can get on your phone and, gasp, send SMS messages to a premium-rate number. Oh no, what will we ever do?

Try reading the permissions first. It turns out that in order to activate the software you have to agree to install a program that will "cost you money":

Imagine you're walking down the street and a panhandler approaches you and asks, "Excuse me sir, may I have your wallet for a moment so I can take some money out of it?" And you say, "Sure, go ahead."

"What, you took my money? How dare you?"

Thank you, security research guys, for saving us from this terrible menace.