Android users: Microsoft's app aims to ease your switch to Windows Phone

Microsoft is hoping its AppComparison tool will make it easier for Android users to find equivalent Windows Phone apps on the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft's AppComparison for Android is designed to help Windows 10 switchers. Image: Microsoft

If you're switching from Android to a Lumia 950 but are worried about missing apps, Microsoft has a new Android tool that maps out which apps are and aren't on the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft continues to build its presence on Google Play, this time with an app called AppComparison, which caters to Android handset owners who are tempted by Windows 10 and its new flagship devices, the Lumia 950 and 950XL, but are concerned by the lack of apps on the Microsoft Store.

"AppComparison identifies your favourite Android apps and matches them with apps available from the Microsoft Store," Microsoft says on its Google Play listing.

The software identifies apps installed on an Android device and reveals whether those apps are on the Microsoft Store and if not, whether it has a replacement on the Microsoft Store. As one Android reviewer pointed out, the app suggested a replacement for Google Maps was HERE maps, formerly owned by Nokia.

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Microsoft's app also promises to reveal "some of the most popular Windows Phone applications" available.

Redmond's Android to Windows switcher app follows Apple's debut Android app Move to iOS for Android users who've made the switch to iOS 9. However, given the abundance of apps in the App Store, its main focus is on making it easier to wirelessly move content, such as photos and contacts to an iPhone.

The AppComparison app follows a string of new Android apps Microsoft has published on Google Play besides its core products like Office, OneNote and Outlook.

Some of these include its recently launched Microsoft Hyperlapse app for Android, a time-lapse app similar to Instagram's Hyperlapse for iOS, and its new experimental Arrow Android launcher.

On a wider level Microsoft is aiming to address the app shortage by making it easier for Android developers to port their apps to Windows 10 Mobile.

Earlier this year it showed off a form of emulation that will allow apps written in Java or C++ to be submitted to the Microsoft Store as APK files.

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