Android Wear reportedly gaining watch-to-watch messages, interactive faces

Google's Android Wear watches may be getting more like the Apple Watch after the next software upgrade with direct communication and more information on watch faces.

In the near future, Android Wear watches will likely have a few new features that are already available on the Apple Watch.

A report from Phandroid suggests that Google will update its wearable software platform to include watch-to-watch communications as well as more interactive watch faces.


Third-party Android Wear faces actually have some ways to swipe through information but they currently use workarounds; Google may be bringing an official way for developers to offer the function.

It's more likely to be a tap than a swipe, however. Phandroid's information shows a way to tap through various information on a watch face, ranging from customizations to the face to weather data and more.

With its most recent Android Wear update, Google added a number of features similar to the Apple Watch including Wi-Fi support and the ability to doodle on the display. You can, for example, draw an image on an Android Wear watch and it will translate that to an emoji.

Phandroid says that feature will expand into something Google calls Together: A way to share drawn doodles and messages to other Android Watch owners, similar to how Apple Watch users can communicate directly. Reported code strings for Together suggest pictures, stickers, doodles and messages will be supported.