Android's power user percentage at 23 percent

Most Android users fall into the moderate and light category based on data consumption, but 23 percent are power users who account for 57 percent of traffic, according to Strategy Analytics.

Twenty-three percent of Android users would be considered power users, with the majority falling into the moderate usage category, according to Strategy Analytics.

The big question is whether that stat sounds low. In tech circles, Android appears to be the geekiest of the mobile platforms. Folks who care about things like rooting devices use Android — as do people who'll tinker a bit.

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To answer that question about whether 23 percent are power users, it's worth looking at Strategy Analytics' definitions. A light user consumes less than 50 MB in data per day. A moderate user consumes 50 to 300 MB per day and a power user tops 300 MB. The data usage covers Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

A power user could consume data from streaming music or video. I'd define power user more as someone doing real work.

Strategy Analytics' sample size was 1,500 Android users.

Localytics found that Android users historically have skewed toward power users, but the company looks at app usage instead of data consumed. Generally speaking, iOS apps have been more sticky, but Android is closing the gap.

Power users as defined by Localytics — those who use an app more than 10 times a month — are equal on iOS and Android.

In any case, wireless carriers love the power users since they'll pay more for data and drive the most revenue.