Angry Birds are about to become billionaires

Some big names want in on the Angry Birds action.

No wonder those Angry Birds have to work hard at keeping those pesky pigs at bay - Rovio Entertainment, the company behind the game is about to get a round of funding that would push the value of the company to over $1 billion.

$1.2 billion in fact.

The names touted as being behind this investment are interesting - game developers Electronic Arts and Zynga, along with News Corp and Walt Disney. None of the parties have confirmed any deal yet.

Angry Birds has extended well beyond the gaming world, with plush toys, clothing, iPhone cases and even flip flops. There's also plans for an Angry Birds movie.

Angry Birds is an example of how a seemingly small game can come along and make a huge impact.

With over a billion dollars behind the birds, I don't think those pigs stand a chance.

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