Angry Birds invading your speakers this summer

coming in August, Angry Birds takes over your sound

Earlier today my colleague, Gloria Sin, wrote about the new Angry Birds speakers coming soon from Gear4.

It turns out that my contact over at Mobile Fun not only had similar information, but also provided me with photos showing off the birds, in a variety of poses.

I would normally write a "if you're not familiar with …" but I think everyone is familiar with Angry Birds at this point.

The speakers themselves come in three different types, each with their own way of docking (to the side, on the top, or through the headphone jack). According to Gloria Sin, the speakers range from $89.99 - $129.99.

If you can't wait to get your hands on these Angry Birds-themed speakers, your wait is expected to be over in August.

See the pictures of the speakers below.