Angry Birds speakers + stand from Gear4 to land in stores this September

As if you don't already spend enough time looking at the Red Bird, Helmet Pig or Black Bird everyday, here are 3 new Angry Birds docking stations from Gear4 for $90 and up.

Landing on a desk near you this September: an Angry Bird speakers and stand from Gear4, the U.K.-based accessory maker that first brought you Angry Bird cases for iOS devices. Now that this game is widely available on everything from Android phones and tablets, within Web browsers and on televisions, Gear4 and Rovio are expanding its range of accessories to become compatible with more devices than just iPods, iPhones and iPads.

The self-destructive star of the Rovio game is without a doubt the Red Bird, so it follows that the most compatible stand and speaker in this collection would be of that character. Basically, any device with a 3.5mm jack will be able to plug into the Red Bird's 2.1 speakers, and can rest on the crate-shaped stand designed for everything from MP3 players to tablets. The Red Bird version is the most affordable of the bunch at $89.99.

The Helmet Pig, on the other hand, is a dock and 2.1 speakers specifically designed for the everything from the iPod Classic to the iPhone 4. It looks like it has a slot on top of the helmet where you can insert your device and apparently comes with a remote control for the system. I hope the combination of the helmet and Green Pig's skinny little neck makes for a sturdy enough stand, because the docking station would make for a very costly real life re-enactment of the game at $119.99.

Like the Red Bird dock, the Black Bird dock also has a crate-shaped perch for devices, though this one is designed for the entire iOS line of devices including all iPods, iPhones and even iPads. Besides amplifying the music through its 2.1 speakers and offering remote control to the device, the Black Bird model serves a third function: it can charge the iPad. That is probably why this particular version is most expensive of all, with a retail price tag of $129.99.

No word yet on when these Angry Bird speakers and docs will be in stores but they should be available this September, in time to make some serious Angry Bird fans even more addicted this holiday season.

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