Anonymous browser reveals its code

Give my browser its Freedom... and shield me from the Internet spies

Anonymous Web browsing company Zero-Knowledge Systems released the source code for its privacy-conscious Internet browser "Freedom" Tuesday.

The company claims that freeing up the source code for the Linux version of its anonymous browser will help people develop secure network solutions using the application.

Freedom allows a user to surf the Net without fear of being spied on using network routing and pseudonyms.

"In response to the strong demand for our code and in accordance with our commitment to security through openness, we are excited to preview the Linux client and embark on the first step toward releasing the source code," said Mike Shaver, Zero-Knowledge chief software officer.

Shaver previously headed up the Mozilla open source development project, which is behind the forthcoming Netscape 6 browser.

"Source availability is an important part of any credible privacy solution," he says.

The code is available from

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