Anonymous hacks Tunisian Islamist sites

The hacktivist group Anonymous is once again wreaking havoc in Tunisia. This time their targets are Islamists who are pushing extremist ideas in the African country.

The Anonymous hacktivist group has hacked websites belonging to Tunisian Islamists. Hizb Ettahrir, an Islamist political party not legally unrecognized in Tunisia, wants to introduce Salafist laws. The Islamist party Hizb ut-Tahrir (translates to "Liberation Party") wants the return of the caliphate, the first system of government established in Islam that was used for hundreds of years. Anonymous members posted multiple warnings to Hizb Ettahrir's Facebook Page. Hizb ut-Tahrir's website was one of sites that was hacked, according to the AFP.

The YouTube video embedded above, in French, was posted a few days ago warning of the attack. The video warned their e-mails, bank accounts, and hard drives will be probed. Furthermore, it said if the Tunisian government won't stop them, Anonymous will.

CaliforniaKB, a representative of the Tunisian Anonymous group, said that the attack was motivated by the activity of the Tunisian hacking group Fellaga, who he accused of working for Hizb Ettahrir. He said that the group is not against Islamism but last Wednesday's desecration of the national flag by an Islamist protester at Manouba University went too far.

"We are not liberals, we do not represent any political party," CaliforniaKB told Tunisia Live. "We are for the people, we are the people. We fight fire with fire, we were watching and doing nothing until we saw the Tunisian flag getting down in Manouba University. We are not against Hizb Ettahrir. Personally, I am a Muslim; we are against any extremist idea whether from left, right or center. We do have access to many secret files. We are waiting for the good moment to take you down unless you finish the revolution in the right way."

"This is a cowardly thing to do; instead of confronting us, they resorted to these methods," Hizb Ettahrir spokesperson Ridha Belhaj said in a statement. This will not put us down, we will always be here." As for the flag incident, he said Hizb Ettahrir "had nothing to do with it. We are against violence – these are Hizb Ettahrir principles."

In recent months, Salafists in Tunisia have demanded full-face veils for female university students, castigated a TV channel for an allegedly blasphemous film, and beaten up journalists at a protest.

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