Anonymous Indonesia defaces Myanmar tourism site

Hacktivist group defaces Myanmar tourism site, stating data was untouched and it merely wanted to call on the Burmese government not to expel and oppress the Rohingya race.

Anonymous Indonesia has breached a Myanmar tourism site in retailiation against the government's treatment of the Rohingya people.

The hacktivist group announced late-Wednesday in a Twitter post it had defaced the tourism site,, which provides travel and location information, lodging and sights. A message left in the defacement said the site's data was safe and that the message was meant for the Myanmar government.

"We call on the government of Myanmar to stop the violence and the expulsion against Rohingya based on humanitarian," the message read.

The defacement also contained a link to a news report by The Nation on how the Myanmar government considered the Rohingya race as illegal immigrants and had refused to grant them citizenship rights.

In a Twitter reply to ZDNet Asia on Thursday, Anonymous Indonesia apologized for the defacement and explained it merely wanted to inform the Myanmar government not to expel and oppress the Rohingya race. "They are also part of the people of Myanmar who have long settled in Myanmar," the post read.

Visitors to on Wednesday evening were greeted with the following message from Anonymous Indonesia.

The Web site was restored when ZDNet Asia accessed it at 2pm Singapore time.

Anonymous Indonesia also launched a series of attacks on Indonesian government sites last week which affected, among others, the Law and Human Rights Ministry, the Social Affairs Ministry, the Business Competition Supervisory Commission,and the Central Statistics Agency, a separate report by The Jarkata Post noted.

The hacktivist group said these cyberattacks were in retailiation against the arrest of Wildan Yani Ashari, who had been accused of hacking President's Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's personal Web site.