Another Apple Black Friday leak rumor - with prices!

Another day another Apple Black Friday rumor. The difference? This one includes prices.

Last week BGR posted a rumored leak of Apple’s Black Friday sale that included 25% off Macs and 30% off iPods. Today Apple made its Black Friday sale official but didn’t reveal any specifics.

If that wasn't enough to get your retail saliva flowing, BGR today posted an updated flyer rumored to include most of Apple's Black Friday sales.


The latest rumor looks like a scan of an Apple print ad that comes from a "pretty credible connect" of BGR's, different from its previous source.

The details:

iMacs starting at $1098, iPod nanos starting at $138, iPod touch starting at $178, MacBook Pros starting at $1098, Apple TVs starting at $208, Airport Express starting at $88, Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard going for $64 each.

One interesting new twist in this latest rumor is that the sale will be online only, and not include in store purchases. That sounds stupid to me and I'm not buying it. Why would Apple discourage people from shopping in their retail stores (only to lose money on shipping)? Don't they have rent to pay?

Real or fake?