Another DSL trial, only slower and more expensive - BT

BT is changing the price and speed of its DSL trial... but that's OK, it was guessing first time round...

Londoners involved in BT's DSL trial were left confused Friday when they were invited to join the second phase beta trial for the service -- but this time the service will be slower and more expensive.

The original trial, which began October '98, is due to finish at the beginning of November. The first offered users bandwidth of between 512Kbps and 2Mbps for £30 per month. The second, starting next month, cuts bandwidth to 512Kbps and charges users £20 more.

One trialist who contacted ZDNet News expressed his dissatisfaction, but BT parried: "When we set prices at £30 there was no science behind it, but we had to set a price somewhere. Now we feel £50 is a more realistic price," he said.

Responding to the concerns of the trialist the spokesman said: "He seems to have got rather hung up on bandwidth. This is not just about bandwidth but about lots of extra content. The speed, at 512Kbps is far in excess of that offered by ISDN or dial-up modems."

The spokesman was not able to offer details about content or when the service would be rolled out commercially.

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