Another lock screen bypass reported in iOS 7

iOS 7.0.2, which was released in order to fix one lock screen bypass bug, has been reported vulnerable to another one.

Less than a week after the release of iOS 7.0.2 , the purpose of which was to fix a lock screen bypass, Cult of Mac is reporting another such bypass, which they claim was actually added with the update.

The procedure for the bypass is complicated and requires a second device:

  1. Call another device you have nearby from a locked iPhone using Siri or voice control
  2. Tap the FaceTime button
  3. When the FaceTime app appears, hit the sleep/wake button
  4. Unlock the iPhone again
  5. Answer the call on the other device, then immediately end it
  6. After a few seconds, you’ll be taken to the Phone app

While it's complicated and you can't deviate much from the above script, Cult of Mac calls it a serious vulnerability, and it probably is. It makes one reasonable to presume that there are still other, perhaps simpler, bypasses available.

There is also a video demonstration which mostly shows how complicated the procedure is.