Another opinion startup – State

State is a startup for people that have opinions, but no audience — it seems similar to Swipp and sounds perfect for trolls. Maybe it should be called "Bridge?"

Josh Constine of TechCrunch wrote about startup State:

Jawbone's founding CEO Alexander Asseily thinks everyone deserves a powerful voice online, so today he's launching State, a structured opinion-sharing network where people don't need to follow you [to] see your [opinion].

You can get an early invite to State if you give them your email address, and you'll probably get chosen if you are someone whose opinion counts.

It all sounds very similar to Swipp. Except with a bit more structure:

Image: TechCrunch

Swipp offers a simple ten-point scale on which anyone can register their opinion on anything. It seems, from the screenshots (above), that State offers a bit more direction; there's room for a "question + subject", while Swipp just has "subject." Also, Swipp is global, while State doesn't yet exist, except for one page.