Anturis tells SMB to stay in control with cloud-based monitoring

Small to medium businesses have the same need to monitor and manage their IT solutions as larger firms. They don't, however, have the same resources. Anturis believes its software as a service cloud-based monitoring and management offering is the solution.

Anturis recently launched its cloud service offering that is designed to target the monitoring needs of small to medium businesses. The goal is providing these companies a powerful management tool that provides the needed information without also requiring that they invest heavily in staff, software or system resources.

Anturis collects information from running systems using an agent. This agent can monitor the company's website, tranasctional systems, system logs and many other components of an IT solution. The data that has been gathered is sent to Anturis' cloud-based tools where it is analyized. Alerting and reports are delivered back to the company making it possible to head off problems or troubleshoot systems when problems do arise.

While Anturis appears to be offering useful tools, these tools appear to provide similar capabilities to products being offered by a whole host of other suppliers. Anturis is competiting with players as big as BMC, CA, HP, IBM and Microsoft. It is also competing with an ever-growing list of smaller companies as well. It is clear that the company is going to have to work hard to get potential customers' attention and convince them that the Anturis offering is going to do what they need at a better price than the others.

It appears, at first glance, that the product that Anturis has designed has the capabilities needed by smaller businesses. The pricing appears very reasonable although Anturis talks about "monthly pricing" rather than laying out the actual costs. Let's see how the market responds.