AOL kills poor man's LinkedIn:

Another online job search tool -- and AOL property -- bites the dust. Say goodbye to

AOL has confirmed that it is shuttering, a platform for creating, sharing and storing resumes online for free. The official closing date is July 15.

The search company published an FAQ section about the decision, but AOL didn't really answer as to why it is cutting -- except to diplomatically say that "we're focusing our attention to more popular features, which means, occasionally, some less popular features may be discontinued."

That likely translates to wasn't being used, and therefore wasn't making any money. Although it is a bit different from that other behemoth in job search and sharing, LinkedIn, it's not easy to lure Internet users away from the largest professional social network there is currently.

Of course, AOL still doesn't want anyone to head over to LinkedIn, so it's advertising a few other options. Specifically, AOL is pointing users towards its other services: one-page website builder and job posting manager Huntsy.

Huntsy, in particular, might be more attractive to Emurse users as AOL has provided instructions for migrating their files over directly. users are being notified to backup all of their content before July 15. After that, there will be no way to retrieve any of it.