Apache 2.0 hits the warpath

Indian summer for the open source server software...
Written by Ben King, Contributor

Indian summer for the open source server software...

The latest release of the Apache open source web server is due to be announced today, nearly a year after it was first meant to ship. US company Covalent Technologies announced a new enterprise web server product based on Apache 2.0 today. Apache 2.0 had originally been scheduled for a launch late in 2000, but it didn't start beta testing until April this year. The new version promises to speed up the serving of web pages, and integrate better with Windows-based machines than the previous version. Apache is the most popular software for web hosting, with a 58 per cent stake, though Microsoft has been making inroads into Apache's lead, according to a survey from NetCraft. However, Microsoft's IIS servers have been plagued by a series of high-profile security breaches, and Apache is widely perceived to be a more secure product.
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