Apollo and Flex at DEMO and Expression Studio Betas

Apollo took center stage at DEMO today but I found out there are also a couple of Flex apps that are showing themselves this week at the conference. Also, Expression Studio has two new betas, of Blend and Design available now for download. Finally, there is a great video about WPF/E over on Beet.TV that is well worth checking out.
Written by Ryan Stewart, Contributor

It's been a busy day but there was a lot of interesting stuff. Brandon was the first to point out that Apollo was presented at DEMO (you can bid on the shirt they used to demo the application). GigaOm did the live blogging and had this to say:

Adobe’s Apollo. Shows off an application being built for Apollo by eBay, ‘eBay Desktop’. Presenter looks for Wii over eBay desktop application. Drag and drop auctions into “watch” list, sort by price, and can pull data into spreadsheet on desktop. Pulls network connection, can work offline, and seamlessly start service when reconnected.

There are two other RIAs that I was made aware of at DEMO: GizmoCall and EyeJot. Both of these companies are using Flex 2, which surprised me. It's great to see high profile startups using Flex and I think it shows how widely the Flash Platform is being used within tech circles.

The other thing that happened today was that new betas of Expression Blend and Expression Design were officially unveiled. But with that there was a lot of talk about WPF/E. Mary Jo noticed that a new build is supposed to be "another week or two away". The most interesting post on WPF/E today though came from Andy Plesser over at Beet.TV. He takes a good angle, because at its core, WPF/E is very much a competitor to Flash Video. That was the focus of the first CTP and it's an area that Microsoft can play ball in. Andy has a very good video up with Eric Zocher talking about WPF/E and the new platform.

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