App transports BlackBerry data over to an iPhone

BerryMover will let you synchronize as much data as you want between a BlackBerry smartphone and an Apple iPhone.

This one should have the Research in Motion folks looking over their shoulders, especially given the outages going on as I write this post: A software developer called Information Appliances Associates has come out with an application that purports to synchronize all the stuff that you have on your BlackBerry over to an Apple iPhone should, you know, decide you want to switch over.

This is the same developer behind the PocketMac application, which synchronizes BlackBerry devices to Macintosh computers. A version of PocketMac also can synch your Windows Mobile device to your Macintosh, so you can tell that this is a company that loves taking on seemingly bizarre requests that people like Apple and Microsoft figure NO ONE will every need. I can hear the people at Microsoft asking, "Who would want to synch a Windows smartphone with a Macintosh?" Once upon a time, that might have been me, folks.

Anyway, the new $9.99 app, called BerryMover, reads the backup files on your BlackBerry device and then asks what you would like to import into your iPhone. You can actually pull the data out of more than one backup file, if you want. A video tutorial provided by the developer will walk you through how to move some or all of the following:

  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Text messages
  • Email
  • Task lists and notes

Having lived through several migrations like this before, especially when I was shown my walking papers by my former trade newspaper, I know that they are never as easy as they sound.

But given what is going on at RIM right now, this seems like a no-brainer application for you to explore if you are thinking about ditching your BlackBerry smartphone and moving to an iPhone. I just wonder how long it will take them to act on an Android version?