AppDynamics launches Business iQ, aims to move into business analytics

The general idea is that Business iQ will take AppDynamics more into business analytics as it courts CIOs, line of business execs and developers.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

AppDynamics on Thursday outlined a new engine for its application intelligence platform that increasingly moves the company into business analytics.

The company rolled out Business iQ, which is an engine for its App IQ Platform. The general idea is that Business iQ will take AppDynamics more into business analytics. Roles ranging from CIO to line of business execs to developers can use application intelligence to make decisions.

Business iQ will be rolled out with AppDynamics fall 2016 release.

AppDynamics along with other companies such as New Relic are tracking applications to yield business insights. After all, every function of a business runs through software as data flows through applications. Perhaps the biggest bet is that business, application, and IT intelligence will merge into something called BizDevOps (business, operations, and development).


With the launch of Business iQ, AppDynamics is positioning itself more as a digital transformation enabler.

Business iQ's goal is to provide a common interface and format that can link business and the IT department and shrink what it calls the mean time to business awareness. Business iQ is part of a suite that includes Map iQ, which tracks transactions, Baseline iQ, which is a machine learning tool, Diagnostic iQ, which monitors code, and Signal iQ, a big data engine.

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