Apple accepts Swift apps for iOS, programming language hits GM status

Apple's Swift has reached an important milestone in development, and Swift-coded iOS apps are being accepted in the App Store.

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Apple's programming language for iOS and OS X, Swift, is now considered a GM build and Swift-coded iOS apps are being accepted in the App Store.

Following yesterday's event in Cupertino, California and the launch of the iPhone 6 , iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch , the iPad and iPhone maker has unveiled the latest status of its Swift programming language -- the GM status. GM, otherwise known as 'Gold Master,' basically means the system is good to go, and as a result, Apple is now accepting Swift-coded applications in the App Store.

Apple says that now this milestone has been reached, Swift app developers are free to submit their creations, whether the programming language is used for small features or full applications.

The tech giant states that while Wednesday is the GM date for Swift on iOS, the language will hit GM status for Mac when Yosemite ships later this fall, due to Swift for OS X's SDK OS X Yosemite requirement. Until this point, developers can download the beta of Xcode 6.1.

Apple adds this is not the final version of the programming language, as the company plans to improve the performance of the code, refine syntax and add new features. The company also says developers can expect a few improvements in Xcode 6.1 before the launch of Yosemite.

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