Apple and IBM add 8 new enterprise, healthcare iOS apps

The two powerhouses have boosted the number of MobileFirst for iOS apps to 22, adding four alone to the healthcare industry.

The enterprise partnership between Apple and IBM announced last year is expanding. After introducing the first 10 iOS apps back in December, the two companies now have 8 additional titles for iPads and iPhones in the workplace.

Take a peek at Apple's mobile enterprise app site and you'll see the new software, which now includes the first of four apps for the healthcare industry as well as an initial title for industrial product management.


That one, dubbed Rapid Handover, helps an industrial foreman to manage and share information with shift workers, including the ability to photograph or document safety hazards on the floor.

The quartet of healthcare apps is squarely aimed at nurses and nurse practitioners, allowing them to better manage patients, both in a hospital setting as well as for in-home care.


Home RN for iPhone, for example, can capture patient data on-site and then push the relevant information back to a remote patient-care team. The three other new healthcare apps provide schedules, patient records, and tasks specific for each patient, using iBeacon technology to help locate the right bed or station.

9to5 Mac notes that the retail industry also gained an app through the Apple-IBM collaboration: Order Commit for iPad helps retailers manage inventory, associated costs and profit margins on Apple's tablet.


When first hearing about the Apple and IBM app collaboration, it was easy to assume the focus might be on traditional enterprise applications. With the latest batch of software for iPad and iPhone, however, it's clear that the two companies are prepared to increase the value of Apple's mobile hardware in a wide range of industries.