Apple and Samsung dispute US$1 billion payout verdict

Apple wants more money, while Samsung wants a new trial.

Neither Apple nor Samsung are happy with the US$1 billion payout figure that was set after their US copyright infringement case concluded last month.

In late August, a US court ruled in favour of Apple in a copyright infringement case against Samsung. The jury decided that the Korean electronics vendor should pay just over US$1 billion for infringing Apple patents with some of its mobile devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S and the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

According to FOSS Patents, documents filed by Apple lawyers show that the vendor doesn't believe US$1 billion is enough, and is seeking an additional US$707 million in damages — US$135 million under the Patent Act and US$400 million under the Lanham Act — as well as more damages payments based on Samsung sales and other additional costs.

Meanwhile, Samsung has requested a new trial, claiming that it wasn't given a fair go during the legal proceedings. The Korean vendor has also found inconsistencies in the way the jury came up with the US$1 billion payout figure.

US District Judge Lucy Koh has set a hearing date on 6 December to let both vendors argue their cases.