Apple and Samsung's patent war: Can a settlement add up?

The developments in the Apple and Samsung patent litigation have spiked again. Do these moves point to an ultimate settlement. Maybe.

That never-ending Apple vs. Samsung patent war being waged around the world has flared up again with a bevy of developments that could point both sides to at least ponder a settlement.

Among the key developments:

Combine these developments with Apple's recent patent agreement with HTC---another Android poster child---and perhaps this war can be put to rest.

Meanwhile, Apple CEO Tim Cook told Bloomberg BusinessWeek that he hopes the Samsung litigation " works out over time ." Cook is pragmatic and Samsung and Apple are great partners as well as competitors. That situation isn't sustainable over the long term.

With the latest courtroom developments, I'd argue that chances are looking better that the two will settle. Simply put, there's more money for both sides being partners.

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