Apple buys Swedish compression firm AlgoTrim

Apple continues its buying spree with the acquisition of Swedish codec and compression algorithm maker AlgoTrim.

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Apple has reportedly acquired AlgoTrim, a Swedish company specialising in compression technologies to optimise memory handling in mobile devices.

The Malmö-based company develops compression algorithms for imaging, video and firmware that help optimise memory handling, execution performance, and ultimately extend battery life on mobile devices.

According to Swedish news site Rapidus, AlgoTrim's shares were acquired in February by Delware-based holding company Wedgewood Industries LLC, but the buyer was in fact Apple.

Apple said in a statement: "Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans." ZDNet has sought confirmation from AlgoTrim and will update the story if it receives one.

AlgoTrim was founded in 2005 by Anders Berglund, Anders Holtsberg and Martin Lindberg, and according to the report, Holstberg recently moved to California, near Apple's headquarters. While confirming to Rapidus he now works for Apple, Holstberg declined to comment on the acquisition to the publication.

According to AlgoTrim's website, its imaging codecs are used in Google's Gallery app while other compression technology are used to compress firmware updates in some Android devices.

It also has several image codecs to for JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP files in addition to other imaging solutions for "modern computational photography". The company's products are based on a patented lossless compression method that are used for compressing processor instructions.

Apple's other recent acquisitions have targeted mapping , location and a semiconductor maker among others.