Apple CarPlay to make older cars smarter?

Reports suggest that Apple's in-car infotainment system will also bring older vehicles in to the modern age as a stand-alone console.


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Apple's CarPlay system may not only be restricted to new car owners.

According to Japanese publication Nikkei, electronics manufacturer Alpine is working with the tech giant to produce a stand-alone console which will integrate CarPlay technology into our older vehicles.

CarPlay, introduced in March , is Apple's flagship device designed to break into the connected car industry. CarPlay allows iOS users to make voice calls, access maps, listen to music and both receive and send messages through touch and voice activated controls. Users can also start the iOS voice activation assistant Siri through a button on the steering wheel.

The Alpine system, reportedly available in the U.S. and Europe this fall, will be compatible with the iPhone 5 upwards, and let drivers use CarPlay features through a 7-inch screen, wired to an Apple smartphone.

The device is expected to retail for between $500 - $700.

The connected car industry has snagged the attention of both automakers and technology firms worldwide. While car manufacturers including Ford already have integrated map assistants, real-time weather and traffic updates and music streaming services into certain models, in the tech world, Apple steamed ahead with the introduction of CarPlay, while Google is rumored to be working on an infotainment system and Microsoft has only revealed a concept product called Windows in the Car .

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