Apple continues to submit 'shopped' images to European courts

Apple shrinks the Galaxy S to the size of an iPhone 3G in documents submitted to European courts.

Further allegations are circulating that Apple has submitted more altered images to European courts in its case against Samsung. Previously it was German courts, now it's the Netherlands, and this time the image in the form of a Galaxy S handset that has been reduced to the size of an iPhone.

These claims come via the Dutch site Webwereld.

Here's the image in question, with an unaltered Samsung Galaxy S added on the right for scale:

The Galaxy S measures 122.4 x 64.2mm while the iPhone 3G is 115.5 x 62.1 mm, or some 6% smaller. However, in the photo submitted to the The Hague the two devices appear to be identically sized. This is serious stuff, because Apple is trying to get the EU to ban sales of the Galaxy S across all of the countries.

So Apple is altering images to make competitor's products ... I wonder why?